Monday, January 20, 2014

Ultimate Menu Planner

How To Make the Ultimate Menu Planner
*A 8x10 or 11x14 Picture Frame
*A few sheets of decorative scrapbook paper
and/or Solid Colored Card stock
*7 Clothespins
*Small Color Crayon Box
*Elmers Glue
*Modge Podge (Optional)
*Foam brush
*Hot Glue Gun & Glue
*Velcro tabs (Optional)
*Letter Stickers
*Laminating pouches to use in a Laminator (they also make laminating sheets that don't require heat)
*Computer Paper (to type up menu ideas and glue onto scrapbook paper borders)
Meal Cards
Gather several meal ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start. I made a handwritten list of meals that we often have and enjoy. I also gathered some new ideas that I want to try to add to our weekly menu. I am always trying to try new things, which my husband really enjoys most of the time also :) Type up Main courses, if you like you can add sides, but I stuck to main courses.
To see how I typed up different meal ideas or even print it to use yourself here is a link Menu Plan Tabs Once you have some menu plans typed up, print them and cut them in to strips. I glued mine on to various pretty scrapbooking papers. Once I was done with that I laminated them and cut them into little menu cards that will be held by the clothespins and stored in the little box you make.

Frame the Background
Select a solid card stock or colorful scrapbook paper to place behind the glass, in the upper right hand corner make an embellishment that says "Menu" wherever your creativity leads you. Pretty much every thing else will be done on the outside of the frame after this is done, so feel free to insert and close up the frame. Unless you have a bigger frame and want to add some other embellishments.

Trim strips of paper to fit on top of your clothespins. Using a mixture of 1 part elmers glue and one part water; brush the top of the clothespin with your foam brush, place a strip of paper on top and then apply a little bit more of this "DIY Modge Podge" glue on the top as well. A few layers on the top and bottom should be enough. By all means if you feel more comfortable Modge Podge is also sold in most craft stores.
*Some tips on making your own Modge Podge* warm up 1/2 cup(4oz) of water in the microwave for a few minutes to boiling, then dump a full 4oz glue bottle into a clean container with a lid (a mason jar for example) save some of that water to dump with a funnel or pour spout like I had on my measuring cup into the glue bottle, put the lid back on the glue and close it and for extra security put your finger on the glue tip. Shake the bottle vigorously and it will loosen up any glue, open up the glue bottle and squirt the remaining water and glue into the container with the rest of the elmers glue and water. Stir the mixture until well mixed together and let it cool down for a few minutes. Then presto you got Modge Podge and can go to town :) 

I used a crayon box and turned it horizontal and cut out one long side. Where you cut out will be the opening for your pocket. Lay the box flat and trace the outline on to pretty scrapbook paper. Attach the scrapbook paper to the crayon box however you want, you can glue it, tape it, or use brads. I used some specialty scrapbooking brads on the corners added some tap to hold down the sides and stapled it on the back. If you trim your paper a little bit longer you can fold it down over the edges just depends on how technical you want to get. Them embellish it with some ribbon, a sticker like I did or however you want. To attach it to your frame below the Menu Sign you can either hot glue it down or I opted for some velcro tabs so I can put the pocket off and on if need be. I did hot glue my little embellished sign I made below my pocket.

And there ya go once everything is together and dry you have yourself a little working menu planner. As time goes on you can make more meal cards and add them to your pocket.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. To give credit to the blogger who inspired my project. Here is a link. Once Upon a Chocolate Chip Pancake-ULTIMATE Menu Board

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