Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whose knickers are in a knot now???

Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we... During the 2013 legislative Session our Speaker of the House chose to mock the Constituents he is supposed to serve! This is not the first outburst by a Wyoming Legislator, it occurs at a pretty regular occurrence over the years both on the legislature floor as well as in replies to Constituent emails and phone calls. Because the people voiced their concerns with how things done down in Cheyenne Tom Lubnau resorted to calling Wyoming Citizens "Political Pundits siting behind their computers late at night in their underwear!" Absolutely unprofessional and an abuse of his office as a supposed "Public Servant". To make things worse, when Speaker Tom Lubnau caught word of the upset he had caused so he produced a Satirical apology and read it on the Legislature floor followed by an uproar of laughter, by the Narcissistic Legislators who have forgotten why they sit in those chairs! The voice of the people is far too often being squelched! Voting records show just how strong the good ol'boys alliance really is. They ignore their oaths of office and chose to use their legislative roles to further their own agendas as well as become federal government lapdogs rather than listen to the voices the people of Wyoming and where WE want to take our state. Don't get me wrong we have a minority of legislators that often take a stand and fight tirelessly to remind this alliance of the people they serve... But the fact remains of a huge morale problem down in Cheyenne that Governor Matt Mead is all to willing to give support to when we can. SF 104 being signed by him is a classic example of that, as well as flying to Washington D.C. just days after its passage to immediately become compliant to the Federal Government for "Race to the Top Funds" and further Common Core. Cindy Hill was in the way of that agenda and instead supported the citizens of Wyoming and their parental rights! Rather than blindly follow those federal dollars unlike our Governor Matt Mead and Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau,who all to quickly run after federal dollars even at the cost of the strings attached to them and stood in direction violation of the Wyoming State Constitution which = Perjury.

SF104 was passed and our State Superintendent of Public Instruction lost the majority of her roles overnight and the Vote of the People was instantly gone! A vote that was protected by the Wyoming State Constitution...

To further take a walk down memory lane I am sharing a political meme I created last Legislative session quoting word for word some of the Satirical insult our Speaker of the House arrogantly recited the floor of the Wyoming House of Representatives!

So I ask you now Mr Speaker??? Who's Knickers are in a knot now??? Now that SF104 was ruled Unconstitutional and Cindy Hill won her lawsuit! Her place in office restored as well as the Wyoming State Constitution upheld!

In light of today's victory I will share a very humorous "Letter to the Editor" posted today by April Poley. Now that you have taken a walk down memory lane you should be able to see the humor in it... I hope it makes your day as much as it made mine LOL

Dear Editor,
I think all legislators that voted for SF104 should be replaced by those of us who "sit around in underwear ... at midnight ... at computers ... writing emails to legislators" because we're obviously more versed on the WY Constitution than they are. I hate to say it but, told you so, Represenative Lubnau-- told you so. It's time again, everyone, to get in your underwear, and PJs if you're modest, prepare yourself a midnight snack, and write letters to your legislators!" ~ April Poley

The next legislative session is upon us very soon, it's time to start watching and continuing to make our voices heard! Today is a victory for Cindy Hill & the people of Wyoming. For those who didn't see the news of the day here's a link: Breaking News: Hill Wins Wyoming Supreme Court Challenge

Meanwhile Governor Mead and Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau have wasted and abused Millions of Tax payer dollars by appointing a committee that consists of largely biased members who wish to further their own agendas that aren't in line with Cindy Hill's. Yet these people were called upon the “fairly” judge her behavior as State Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as testify under oath in court proceedings to go on an Unnecessary Witch Hunt against Cindy Hill... This money needs to be immediately returned to the State and the People of Wyoming.
As shown in the Wyoming State Constitution below, any legislator who voted for SF104 ought to be relieved of their duties and seats in office and prohibited from holding public office again! Time will tell... 
Article 6, Section 20. Oath of office; form. 
Senators and representatives and all judicial, state and county officers shall, before entering on the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the follow oath of affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the state of Wyoming; that I have not knowingly violated any law related to my election or appointment, or caused it to be done to others; and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.”

Article 6, Section 21. Oath of office; how administered 
The foregoing oath shall be administered by some person authorized to administer oaths, and in the case of state officers and judges of the supreme court shall be filed in the office of secretary of state, and in the case of other judicial and county officers in the office of the clerk of the county in which the same is taken; any person refusing to take said oath or affirmation shall forfeit his office, and any person who shall be convicted of having sworn or affirmed falsely, or having violated said oath or affirmation, shall be guilty of perjury, and be forever disqualified from holding any other office of trust or profit within the state. The oath to members of the senate and house or representatives shall be administered by one of the judges of the supreme court or a justice of the peace, in the hall of the house to which members shall be elected. 
I will end with a statement given by Cindy Hill last year when SF104 passed at the hands of the majority of the Wyoming Legislature and signed by Governor Mead with out hesitation. Her quest and work to uphold State Constitution and Voice of the People has come full circle today!

“I Stand for the interests of the children of Wyoming above all else. I refuse to give into the will of the few legislators disappointed in the outcome of the last election. Their intent is to consolidate power in Cheyenne-in the hands of a few-and to end local control of our schools.

I ask that ever citizen of Wyoming who believes in the electoral system, who fears the consolidation of power in the hands of the Governor and a few legislators, take a stand against SF104. Please call and email each of the legislators. Let them know that abuses of power will not stand in Wyoming” ~Cindy Hill 
Our work however is not done. We must remain vigilant to hold our legislators feet to the fire, and continue the fight against Common Core! Thank you Cindy for fighting to uphold the law and restore the voice of the people of Wyoming! Michelle Sabrowsky is about the help further our voices being heard this legislative session and with feet on the ground of the capital work tirelessly to Stop Common Core in Wyoming. So I urge you to please Sign her Petition, write your legislators, donate your time and if you can your money. Every little bit always helps the grassroots effort that is largely done on her own time and resources. 
 "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." ~Thomas Jefferson

To visit and help Wyoming Freedom in Education
Several people have asked me what does this now mean for Common Core??? Michelle Sabrowsky Director of Wyoming Freedom in Education clarified perfectly to help explain why there is still a fight ahead of us. "We are in a binding contract with the Common Core Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, that can only be repealed by legislative action. Cindy already voted no on the adoption of the Common Core Standards, and that is one of the reasons she was stripped of her duties."

We Must Stand at the Ready this upcoming Legislative Session as well as come election time. The work to Stop Common Core in Wyoming continues... 

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