Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My thoughts on the tragedy to an Autistic Boy on the Oregon Coast.

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I have seen people recently post on social media "There's no excuse that mother deserves to lose her life for killing her child" in regards to the mother to threw her son off the bridge on the Oregon Coast.
In a perfect world yes. I thought I would share my perspective as a special needs mom myself. To reference the story I am referring to here's a link. jillian-mccabe-accused-throwing-autistic-son-oregon-bridge-

Excerpt from the article

Andrew McCabe said he hoped the tragedy would bring attention to the lack of help for the mentally ill. "The state of health care in the country and the lack of prioritization that we have especially for our mentally ill is appalling. And its heartbreaking and unfortunately there’s tragic results when people don’t get the help they need," he said. 

Something I want to help shed a little light on, Autism is not always a gift. This lady's son was Autistic, according to the article he was diagnosed on the severe end of the spectrum. Our children are absolutely gifts from God <3 My child & myself as her parent did not ask for Autism, we had it put into our laps. That's how life is sometimes...  A part of my Autistic child and other Autistics live with it daily will literally be robbed for the rest of their life. Does that mean they don't exhibit beauty at times? No it does not, they exhibit some amazing gifts at times and remind us to be thankful for the most simple things in life, including developmental stages that usually come automatic to us, but not to them. I am so thankful for healing and helping regain some health for some of our special needs kiddos, my daughter has beat odds and come a long way, but she still needs healing and still struggles daily. So the damage is life long. Some of this damage I believe is preventable, but I will save that for another conversation...

There is a reason when I was brand new to the special needs community, starting our journey while seeing specialist after specialist, getting answers and a diagnosis. In seeking support from therapists and other parents I would be told allow myself to grieve; our children are still living, but we mourn what they could have become. Until I did that I could not be fully in the present for myself or my daughter. God knew the path we would go down and I absolutely don't blame him for our circumstances, I believe it's in result of the sinfulness of mankind and the toxins on this earth. I am also truly thankful for the gift of salvation I have been given... My mom also has mental illness and I was a caretaker for her from a very young age. People don't truly get Mania, until they have lived and dealt with it. Mania and psychosis aren't a joke (we are not talking mere depression, psychosis is the inability to truly reason at times) So until a person has walked in the shoes of an individual or family member that loves and cares for someone with serious mental illness most have no clue whatsoever the depth of mania and pyschosis. I don't completely fault people for that, but I can remember many times growing up defending my own mother from the public eye for not understanding her mannerisms. There needs to be more education, awareness and action. I can still remember staying with family while my dad sought care for my mom when her mania and psychosis needed to be stabilized.

My mother was told as a young mom, that was obviously dealing with postpartum depression
you are tired and a new mom, go home and do your best. She was not diagnosed until years later after my sister was born. Thank goodness my dad and my grandma advocated and got my mom the help she needed and stayed persistent until she was finally given a diagnosis and given some help.

I am so proud of my mom and her health and independence these days, but I am at peace in understanding she will have her illness for the rest of her life. I am thankful for those in her life that have advocated and helped support her, because not everyone with mental illness has that support, and sometimes that results in their own lives being put into danger and even lost because they give up.

What's chilling is this mother on the Oregon Coast was completely "calm" when being arrested and questioned. So she was doomed from the get go, once it became more that she could bear, her poor son lost his life in result. That behavior is an obvious indicator she was not in her right mind and crying out for help. That does not excuse her behavior and it's sad that no one close to her could have gotten both her and her son the care they deserve. Because now this poor boy is gone and she will be locked up probably forever. The whole situation breaks my heart.

There are people out there who are pre-meditative and knowingly harm, injure or take the lives of others, and I am not condoning that behavior at all. I am just saying we need to care for those mentally ill in our society and advocate for them, before they themselves are hurt or the ones they love, especially innocent children!

In a perfect world and scenario it's an eye for an eye, but in the current world we live in some people genuinely are a danger to themselves and their children :( That is not the responsibility of the government either, we the people are stewards of this earth while we are on it. As believers I believe it's our duty.

May this young boy rest in peace.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kristy's Crockpot Chicken Posole

    *2 or 3 Chicken Breasts
    *2 cloves Garlic, minced
    *1 Onion, diced
    *1 package of fajita seasoning
    *Salt, Pepper, we like to use a little Tony Chachere's
    *1 can (14.5 oz) Mexican stewed Tomatoes
    *2 cans (14.5 oz) Chicken Broth
    *1 cup Salsa Verde
    *2 cans (15 oz) hominy 

    Place all ingredients in your crock pot for 5 hours on High. or 8 on Low.

    You can serve this with tortilla chips and even some sour cream if desired.

Friday, September 12, 2014

My life as a special needs mom and reflections on those who do not Act

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This quote is really resonating with me today on a variety of levels. I haven't blogged in quite a while and wish I made an effort to do it more often. But here goes, blogging about what's on my heart and in my head... Maybe some of it will resonate to you and maybe not. But nonetheless thanks for reading and listening...

People are fed up with the way things are going yet not willing to act is often the common trend among many in today's society. Everyone wants something for nothing... Sometimes willing to act means making sacrifices, sharing the load so one person isn't stuck fighting against the establishment alone. In a perfect world that is ideal, but the reality is a lot of people are in the trenches and sometimes standing alone. 

Complacency is a choice, and we reap exactly what we sew. There are days I have chronic fatigue, brain fog and literally have handfuls of hair falling out because my health conditions are flaring up due to my thyroid, PCOS or whatever is the culprit at the time. There are days it's a complete joy and things all come into full circle reminding me of why I made the choice to educate my children at home (these are the days I live for).  Other days I speak up for my convictions and injustice in order to protect the liberty of myself and others, sometimes igniting a fire in others to speak up as well and other times to be called radical and divisive, wishing I could say "Don't attack the messenger". Many days however can be a challenge, none of us are with out our challenges, some of us however have more than others.

I have learned over the years to not expect society and even those close to me to comprehend a day in my family's life, I watch so many take for granted the independence their children have, realizing that for many children including my own that independence is not automatic to their development. For my daughter fractions of that independence can be learned, but we have to resigned ourselves with being placed with that challenge we face as special needs parents. Some of our children may not ever learn all the skills of independence but we learn to be at peace with it. While others contemplate the jobs, marriages and futures of their children, I have to contemplate what do I prepare for my child in case something should ever happen to me, how do we navigate adolescence and adulthood with so many developmental unknowns? Ever see the puzzle in a lot of Autism Awareness symbols? There's a good reason for that, it literally is like a puzzle, you never know what each new day will bring including the future. Sometimes that brings great joy when your child defeats the odds of their diagnosis and other time pain when reality sets in they are completely depending on you for guidance in this crazy world and may always need someone by their side to do that. Some have jobs, get married and go on to live their own lives but the reality is many do not, that is not often comprehended by some, until you live it though you can't. Sometimes it brings sadness and I don't blame people for not comprehending at the same time, some days it hurts. My husband and I would do it all again, but we often take turns taking breaks, letting one have some down time, and it's not as easy to just go places as a couple, we often have to turn down invites to go places because we can't just leave our daughter with anyone. It sets up the potential of a bad situation for a babysitter as well as our daughter, in case a meltdown should occur. Thankfully we have a few people in our lives that we can trust if we need to call on them. That is something for many years we didn't always have. More of our years as parents than not we had to go through the road alone (God by our sides) and make it work. I share this not to ask for your pity, but to be grateful for the blessings you have. Every single one of us have our struggles, some are fighting to live and battling more life threatening challenges and that is what helps keep my grounded and remember to thank God even in the midst of my struggles. I am still human though, as we all are. Don't take for granted the moments with your child and spouses, because some families don't have as many of those moments and opportunities as others.

We learn to savor each and every milestone and have a deeper appreciation because it was a milestone that took climbing a mountain to reach and wasn't automatic. I to have an appreciation for the beauty in a child naturally develops also; I remember watching in amazement our youngest put words together and learns social emotional interaction simply by being in the environment around her. Potty train almost effortlessly, when it took my oldest years and years. The fact she did potty train was miraculous because some will need diapers for life, full time and part time. So I have an equal appreciation for both. And again I thank God for the victories we have won.

  My youngest is a toddler transitioning into a preschool that keeps me on my toes, and our special needs daughter with Autism will be turning 10. Developmentally she is not her age level, while we have seen some great strides and she making progress at her own pace in her academic studies, it's a unique slow process. We don't desire to push but help her flourish. She is not a one size fits all and her challenges with Autism are unique, but none of our children are a one size fits all at the same time either.

Yet despite how crazy my life may be some days, I try hard to not ignore the calling God places on my heart, sometimes I question why me? Why when my life seems upside down already, why do I have to act at times? I would much rather hide away searching for curriculum for my girls and on facebook land. Then reality comes to the forefront and I realize if I don't act who will? Sometimes many of us step up to the plate and other times, only a few of us do. Those times where it's only a few, the burden is a heavy load to carry.

Today my prayer is whether I am standing up with a crowd or if I am standing up alone, please Lord help me remember to ultimately ask for your hand and help in carrying that load. All of us sin and fall short and faith in man alone will leave us feeling empty. When I forget that God is by my side, my load seems overwhelming, lonely and heavy. Today I was reminded why I must remember that.

Help us all remember our treasures are not stored in this world, they are stored in Heaven, helps us not ignore that still small quiet voice that tugs on our heart to Speak up!!! to Help others!! who are struggling, and Fight for Liberty!! As this world gets more and more crazy we know ultimately man alone cannot save it and that is why we need Christ and the salvation he brings. But in the mean time keep fighting the good fight and being involved big or small it all matters. You never know when you might touch the life of a struggling family or even make a mark against helping slow the out of control freight train our government has become; not only in our nation, but in our state, our communities and even our school districts.

May God's face shine upon you and may he bless you and keep you Numbers 6:25 Thanks for reading :) 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gluten Free *High Altitude* Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies 
made with Healthier Sugar alternatives

A friend of mine has been sharing information on modern day wheat and how it affects so many health conditions. Modern Day wheat is not the same as wheat was 50+ years ago through out the generations it has lost more and more of it's nutritional value. My oldest daughter has Autism and I have Hypothyroid & PCOS that causes Insulin Resistance. Our chats inspired me to research and read further about the benefits of eliminating gluten from our diet. I am starting slow and this is the first recipe on our quest to slowly eliminate unhealthy grains. If you would like to learn a bit more here's a great article to get you started. Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat 
I used a Gluten Free Flour but plan to experiment with Einkorn flour which is an ancient form of wheat dating all the way back to biblical times and is known to be just about gluten free. Those who have Celiac disease are often able to digest Einkorn with out issues often times. I would still use a little bit of caution as Einkorn is not 100% gluten free. But Maninis has a great all purpose mix that I am really enjoying so far. 

2 sticks of Butter (1 cup) *or Coconut oil, I used half Coconut oil and half butter
3/4 cup Organic Cane Sugar (I used Azure's brand) 
3/4 cup Sucanat (dried sugar cane juice a much healthier alternative to brown sugar)
3/4 tsp salt
2-4 teaspoons of Vanilla (to your taste, I used 2)
2 eggs 
3/4 teaspoon baking soda 
2 3/4 cup Maninis multi-purpose flour mix *Gluten Free*
12 oz package of Enjoy Life chocolate chips 
(Enjoy life is soy, dairy, and nut free great for those with food allergies)

Preheat the Oven to 350 degrees. Whip the butter and or Coconut oil until creamy, then add the sugar and beat until it's creamed together evenly. Add vanilla & egg and beat until evenly mixed. Sift flour, baking soda and salt together and then add to the wet mixture. Add Chocolate Chips and bake 9-13 minutes until the edges are barely brown. (It took me about 12 minutes) 


and After :)
 The Brown flecks in the cookies are the Sucanat

Tasted and Approved by the whole family and a huge success
What differentiates this recipe and makes it optimal in higher altitudes... The recipe cuts back on the baking soda compared to an average cookie recipe while increasing the liquid a bit, because what happens in higher elevations is the liquid evaporates a bit more quickly and then baking soda expands more rapidly breaking the cellular structure and explodes which then produces a flat cookie instead of fluffy. So by adding a bit more liquid and lessening the baking soda it gives more fluffly and less flat cookie at elevations of 3,500+ feet. This recipe is well balanced and the cookies turn out pretty close to perfect with these ratios. I eventually plan to adapt this recipe for my friends that may live a bit closer to sea level in the future :)

Through developing the recipe to make these cookies I did some research on healthier alternatives to white refined sugar. This link was very helpful exploring a variety of options How I Replace White Sugar I now have some Sucanat in my pantry and also have some Honey Crystals. I plan to experiment with Honey Crystals in my future baking experiments soon :) I would also love to try a few of the other suggestions. One suggestion I didn't see listed was Coconut sugar which is another alternative I plan to try.

Sucanat is actually loaded with vitamins and minerals in addition to being a healthier alternative. For example 1cup of Sucanat is high in potassium with more potassium than two bananas. To read more about the benefits of using Sucanat read more here

I Hope You Enjoy them as much as my family did!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why we cannot afford Compromise with Common Core

Every single year, one issue or another comes up and it causes a rift with in those of us fighting to hang on to our liberties and freedoms. Sadly, the Passion & Dedication of those who are Humbly fighting and not willing Compromise in the midst of the fight, are often misunderstood. 

Compromise can be like a poison pill, can we risk eating half of that pill? Is the risk really worth it? or should we avoid the poison all together??? I think it's a much more prudent decision to not ingest any ounce of poison. It's amazing though what money, the seduction of the spotlight and politics can do to cloud one's view and ability to reason.
Some of you have already read my sentiments below on facebook. So for those who have already read my thoughts, I apologize for the repeat. :) 
Year after year, Ego after Ego, Issue after Issue, a lack of unity within the liberty movement for one reason or the other.

What is at stake with this fight?

Our most precious gift on this earth! our children..

We must ask ourselves, Why should we settle for anything other than the best for our children?

All I personally have ever tried to say... is with such a precious gift we can't afford the price of compromise. It's not just our future, it's their future.

How you chose to go about it is up to you. We all have to weigh our level of risk.

Compromising is taking one step forward and a couple steps backward, it invites corruption an invitation to breed and prevail. I understand at times there is a give and take with the legislative process. However, Common Core is one issue we cannot compromise on. I feel just as strongly about our gun rights.

In a perfect world compromise would be a possibility, but in a legislature where corruption, power, greed, and no respect for the law has been a common occurrence lately; we are expected to trust??? I have my doubts. I am not alone.

I am not out to make friends with legislators, I want what's best for my children and my friends children. I do appreciate legislators on our side. But I am not afraid to hold feet to the fire. At the end of the day, wrong is wrong and right is right.

There are more than one house bill aimed at stopping Common Core this year in Wyoming. However there is only one bill that doesn't require my family to give up rights in order to gain them... House Bill #168 "Stop Common Core in Wyoming", which was modeled after Michigan's Common Core legislation, is the only bill that I feel completely protects the educational freedom of my children and my ability as a parent to choose the best education for them.

There is a way to seems right to a man...
 ...but leads to the path of destruction: Proverbs 16:25 

At the end of the Day this is what matters to me. Their future, Their Freedom 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who voted for SF104? Here's the complete list...

Senate File 104 was ruled Unconsitutional by the Wyoming Supreme Court as we all know today... I mentioned in my blog post "Whose knickers are in a knot now???" earlier today we must be at the ready this legislative session that takes place February 10 - March 7th and during election time also coming soon.

To view a complete list of the legislators that voted against the Wyoming State Constitution passing SF104 that was effectively tossed out by the courts today... Let them know you are not happy with the Constitution being violated, let them know we the people continue to watch and will keep this in mind come election time. Here is the list below:

*Out of respect for Sue Wallis and her family I respectfully suggest avoiding emails to her right now as there was news this afternoon of her sudden passing and her family will be mourning her loss. I may not have agreed with all of her voting record but was saddened to hear the news of her passing...*

Legislator                                 County                                                      Office

EricBarlowRCampbell / Converse / PlatteRepresentative
JohnEklundRGoshen / LaramieRepresentative
MikeGreearRBig Horn / WashakieRepresentative
ElaineHarveyRBig Horn / ParkRepresentative
MichaelMaddenRJohnson / SheridanRepresentative
JimAnderson S02RConverse / PlatteSenator
JimAnderson S28RNatronaSenator
LChristensenRFremont / TetonSenator
OgdenDriskillRCampbell / Crook / WestonSenator
LarryHicksRAlbany / Carbon / SweetwaterSenator
WayneJohnsonRLaramie / GoshenSenator
JohnSchifferRSheridan / JohnsonSenator
MichaelVon FlaternRCampbellSenator

Whose knickers are in a knot now???

Let's take a stroll down memory lane shall we... During the 2013 legislative Session our Speaker of the House chose to mock the Constituents he is supposed to serve! This is not the first outburst by a Wyoming Legislator, it occurs at a pretty regular occurrence over the years both on the legislature floor as well as in replies to Constituent emails and phone calls. Because the people voiced their concerns with how things done down in Cheyenne Tom Lubnau resorted to calling Wyoming Citizens "Political Pundits siting behind their computers late at night in their underwear!" Absolutely unprofessional and an abuse of his office as a supposed "Public Servant". To make things worse, when Speaker Tom Lubnau caught word of the upset he had caused so he produced a Satirical apology and read it on the Legislature floor followed by an uproar of laughter, by the Narcissistic Legislators who have forgotten why they sit in those chairs! The voice of the people is far too often being squelched! Voting records show just how strong the good ol'boys alliance really is. They ignore their oaths of office and chose to use their legislative roles to further their own agendas as well as become federal government lapdogs rather than listen to the voices the people of Wyoming and where WE want to take our state. Don't get me wrong we have a minority of legislators that often take a stand and fight tirelessly to remind this alliance of the people they serve... But the fact remains of a huge morale problem down in Cheyenne that Governor Matt Mead is all to willing to give support to when we can. SF 104 being signed by him is a classic example of that, as well as flying to Washington D.C. just days after its passage to immediately become compliant to the Federal Government for "Race to the Top Funds" and further Common Core. Cindy Hill was in the way of that agenda and instead supported the citizens of Wyoming and their parental rights! Rather than blindly follow those federal dollars unlike our Governor Matt Mead and Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau,who all to quickly run after federal dollars even at the cost of the strings attached to them and stood in direction violation of the Wyoming State Constitution which = Perjury.

SF104 was passed and our State Superintendent of Public Instruction lost the majority of her roles overnight and the Vote of the People was instantly gone! A vote that was protected by the Wyoming State Constitution...

To further take a walk down memory lane I am sharing a political meme I created last Legislative session quoting word for word some of the Satirical insult our Speaker of the House arrogantly recited the floor of the Wyoming House of Representatives!

So I ask you now Mr Speaker??? Who's Knickers are in a knot now??? Now that SF104 was ruled Unconstitutional and Cindy Hill won her lawsuit! Her place in office restored as well as the Wyoming State Constitution upheld!

In light of today's victory I will share a very humorous "Letter to the Editor" posted today by April Poley. Now that you have taken a walk down memory lane you should be able to see the humor in it... I hope it makes your day as much as it made mine LOL

Dear Editor,
I think all legislators that voted for SF104 should be replaced by those of us who "sit around in underwear ... at midnight ... at computers ... writing emails to legislators" because we're obviously more versed on the WY Constitution than they are. I hate to say it but, told you so, Represenative Lubnau-- told you so. It's time again, everyone, to get in your underwear, and PJs if you're modest, prepare yourself a midnight snack, and write letters to your legislators!" ~ April Poley

The next legislative session is upon us very soon, it's time to start watching and continuing to make our voices heard! Today is a victory for Cindy Hill & the people of Wyoming. For those who didn't see the news of the day here's a link: Breaking News: Hill Wins Wyoming Supreme Court Challenge

Meanwhile Governor Mead and Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau have wasted and abused Millions of Tax payer dollars by appointing a committee that consists of largely biased members who wish to further their own agendas that aren't in line with Cindy Hill's. Yet these people were called upon the “fairly” judge her behavior as State Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as testify under oath in court proceedings to go on an Unnecessary Witch Hunt against Cindy Hill... This money needs to be immediately returned to the State and the People of Wyoming.
As shown in the Wyoming State Constitution below, any legislator who voted for SF104 ought to be relieved of their duties and seats in office and prohibited from holding public office again! Time will tell... 
Article 6, Section 20. Oath of office; form. 
Senators and representatives and all judicial, state and county officers shall, before entering on the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the follow oath of affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support, obey and defend the constitution of the United States, and the constitution of the state of Wyoming; that I have not knowingly violated any law related to my election or appointment, or caused it to be done to others; and that I will discharge the duties of my office with fidelity.”

Article 6, Section 21. Oath of office; how administered 
The foregoing oath shall be administered by some person authorized to administer oaths, and in the case of state officers and judges of the supreme court shall be filed in the office of secretary of state, and in the case of other judicial and county officers in the office of the clerk of the county in which the same is taken; any person refusing to take said oath or affirmation shall forfeit his office, and any person who shall be convicted of having sworn or affirmed falsely, or having violated said oath or affirmation, shall be guilty of perjury, and be forever disqualified from holding any other office of trust or profit within the state. The oath to members of the senate and house or representatives shall be administered by one of the judges of the supreme court or a justice of the peace, in the hall of the house to which members shall be elected. 
I will end with a statement given by Cindy Hill last year when SF104 passed at the hands of the majority of the Wyoming Legislature and signed by Governor Mead with out hesitation. Her quest and work to uphold State Constitution and Voice of the People has come full circle today!

“I Stand for the interests of the children of Wyoming above all else. I refuse to give into the will of the few legislators disappointed in the outcome of the last election. Their intent is to consolidate power in Cheyenne-in the hands of a few-and to end local control of our schools.

I ask that ever citizen of Wyoming who believes in the electoral system, who fears the consolidation of power in the hands of the Governor and a few legislators, take a stand against SF104. Please call and email each of the legislators. Let them know that abuses of power will not stand in Wyoming” ~Cindy Hill 
Our work however is not done. We must remain vigilant to hold our legislators feet to the fire, and continue the fight against Common Core! Thank you Cindy for fighting to uphold the law and restore the voice of the people of Wyoming! Michelle Sabrowsky is about the help further our voices being heard this legislative session and with feet on the ground of the capital work tirelessly to Stop Common Core in Wyoming. So I urge you to please Sign her Petition, write your legislators, donate your time and if you can your money. Every little bit always helps the grassroots effort that is largely done on her own time and resources. 
 "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." ~Thomas Jefferson

To visit and help Wyoming Freedom in Education
Several people have asked me what does this now mean for Common Core??? Michelle Sabrowsky Director of Wyoming Freedom in Education clarified perfectly to help explain why there is still a fight ahead of us. "We are in a binding contract with the Common Core Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, that can only be repealed by legislative action. Cindy already voted no on the adoption of the Common Core Standards, and that is one of the reasons she was stripped of her duties."

We Must Stand at the Ready this upcoming Legislative Session as well as come election time. The work to Stop Common Core in Wyoming continues... 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ultimate Menu Planner

How To Make the Ultimate Menu Planner
*A 8x10 or 11x14 Picture Frame
*A few sheets of decorative scrapbook paper
and/or Solid Colored Card stock
*7 Clothespins
*Small Color Crayon Box
*Elmers Glue
*Modge Podge (Optional)
*Foam brush
*Hot Glue Gun & Glue
*Velcro tabs (Optional)
*Letter Stickers
*Laminating pouches to use in a Laminator (they also make laminating sheets that don't require heat)
*Computer Paper (to type up menu ideas and glue onto scrapbook paper borders)
Meal Cards
Gather several meal ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start. I made a handwritten list of meals that we often have and enjoy. I also gathered some new ideas that I want to try to add to our weekly menu. I am always trying to try new things, which my husband really enjoys most of the time also :) Type up Main courses, if you like you can add sides, but I stuck to main courses.
To see how I typed up different meal ideas or even print it to use yourself here is a link Menu Plan Tabs Once you have some menu plans typed up, print them and cut them in to strips. I glued mine on to various pretty scrapbooking papers. Once I was done with that I laminated them and cut them into little menu cards that will be held by the clothespins and stored in the little box you make.

Frame the Background
Select a solid card stock or colorful scrapbook paper to place behind the glass, in the upper right hand corner make an embellishment that says "Menu" wherever your creativity leads you. Pretty much every thing else will be done on the outside of the frame after this is done, so feel free to insert and close up the frame. Unless you have a bigger frame and want to add some other embellishments.

Trim strips of paper to fit on top of your clothespins. Using a mixture of 1 part elmers glue and one part water; brush the top of the clothespin with your foam brush, place a strip of paper on top and then apply a little bit more of this "DIY Modge Podge" glue on the top as well. A few layers on the top and bottom should be enough. By all means if you feel more comfortable Modge Podge is also sold in most craft stores.
*Some tips on making your own Modge Podge* warm up 1/2 cup(4oz) of water in the microwave for a few minutes to boiling, then dump a full 4oz glue bottle into a clean container with a lid (a mason jar for example) save some of that water to dump with a funnel or pour spout like I had on my measuring cup into the glue bottle, put the lid back on the glue and close it and for extra security put your finger on the glue tip. Shake the bottle vigorously and it will loosen up any glue, open up the glue bottle and squirt the remaining water and glue into the container with the rest of the elmers glue and water. Stir the mixture until well mixed together and let it cool down for a few minutes. Then presto you got Modge Podge and can go to town :) 

I used a crayon box and turned it horizontal and cut out one long side. Where you cut out will be the opening for your pocket. Lay the box flat and trace the outline on to pretty scrapbook paper. Attach the scrapbook paper to the crayon box however you want, you can glue it, tape it, or use brads. I used some specialty scrapbooking brads on the corners added some tap to hold down the sides and stapled it on the back. If you trim your paper a little bit longer you can fold it down over the edges just depends on how technical you want to get. Them embellish it with some ribbon, a sticker like I did or however you want. To attach it to your frame below the Menu Sign you can either hot glue it down or I opted for some velcro tabs so I can put the pocket off and on if need be. I did hot glue my little embellished sign I made below my pocket.

And there ya go once everything is together and dry you have yourself a little working menu planner. As time goes on you can make more meal cards and add them to your pocket.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. To give credit to the blogger who inspired my project. Here is a link. Once Upon a Chocolate Chip Pancake-ULTIMATE Menu Board

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